2010 Andeluna Altitude Malbec

Region: Valle de Uco

Winery: Andeluna



Type: Red

2010 Andeluna Altitude Malbec

2010 Andeluna Altitude Malbec

The Malbec grape is Argentina’s pride and joy. The varietal originated in Southwest France, and was brought to Argentina in 1853. The Malbec grape has found its home in Argentina’s diverse, ideal land and climatic conditions.

Flavor Profile:

Malbec grapes are perfect in producing full and robust wines. Where grown at high altitudes, the cold nights contribute to the development of its thick skin, high acidity and tannic balance. When grown at lower altitudes the grape has a thinner skin and more juice, creating lighter bodied, young wines with more floral aromas.

Tasting Notes:

This young, high altitude, Malbec’s bright violent hues and aromatic notes will capture your attention at first pour. A fresh nose of blackberry, plum and violets lead your nose further into this impressive Malbec. In the mouth the wine boasts strong tannins characteristic of the region, possibly urging you to let it sit in the cellar for another year.

Pairing Notes:

Best paired with lightly spiced red meats, especially juicy cuts with a nice fat to meat balance.


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