Ice Cream Tastings

photo 1Suffering from the Heat of Mendoza’s sun, check out these great Ice Cream Spots:


Here you will find Franca, a Mendoza local, who has been proudly running this ice cream store for over 50 years. You will find over 25 flavors ranging from all styles of dulce de leche (Argentina’s famous ice cream flavor), to my all-time favorite lemon with raspberry sauce “limon con salsa de frutilla.” Perin is located on the corner of Belgrano and Sarmiento, just the spot to people watch, so take a seat in their rustic chairs, and enjoy the delicious ice cream.

Ferrucio Soppelsa

Located across the street from Perin, Ferrucio Soppelsa, better known as Soppelsa, will tempt you to continue exploring Mendoza’s amazing ice creams. Soppelsa is so popular there is always a line of locals heading out the door, waiting for their fix. Soppelsa is best known for their infinite variety of dulce de leche flavors, my personal favorite being dulce de deche with brownies.

Bianco Nero

If you want to splurge, head to Bianco Nero, Mendoza’s artisanal ice cream shop. Between the shops interior design and eco-friendly ice cream bowls, you may even loose track of where you are, and begin to think your back in the States. Featured flavors: mint chocolate chip and chocolate with almonds.


This all-star local ice cream shop has been calling Mendoza its home since 1971. It is located right around the corner from Bianco Nero, but besides serving ice cream, these two spots have nothing in common. Not only does Chinis have top-notch hand-made ice cream, the owners always greet you with a smile and seem to somehow know your name. Recommended flavors are Strawberry, dulce de leche (of course), and cookies and cream.